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Until I started my own business, I didn’t fully understand the trials of managing people. The gravity of building trust, respect, and honor with your employees. The significance of having patience, compassion, open-mindedness, and resilience so you can be your best self and better serve the people around you. Remember, your words and actions speak volumes about your leadership and the business you built.

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The ELLIS Marketing Retreat

This two-day, hands-on marketing master course focuses on the core systems and principles that will exponentially increase profits in your dental practice. We believe that growth can be achieved and maintained with the right systems and processes in place, which is why we will guide you on how to market your practice and sustainably increase your profitability.

Day 1

  • Establish Marketing Goals & Objectives
  • Personalized Assessment of Your Current Marketing Strategy
  • Identify Proven Strategies for Growth
  • Build a Strategic Marketing Budget & Execution Plan
  • Establish Guidelines to Accurately Measure ROI (Return on Investment)

Day 2

  • Teach your team how to create a patient-centric environment
  • Create an incentive program which will motivate your team
  • Examine your current patient base
  • Calculate Historical Acquisition Cost
  • Create an amazing Patient Referral Program
Let DR. ELLIS help YOU by taking the confusion out of marketing.

Bonus Courses

The ELLIS Patient Experience Training

The ELLIS team knows how to create an environment where patients not only enjoy coming to the dentist but will also refer their family and friends. Using a team-focused approach, the ELLIS Patient Experience Training teaches your staff members how to create an experience that keeps your patients coming back for more.

The ELLIS VIP Implementation Training

Do you desire a customized, one-on-one VIP training with the ELLIS Marketing Team? This is the program for you! Your VIP training will include one of our expert trainers, you (the practice owner), and your marketing coordinator! This is a one-day, hands-on training where the ELLIS team comes to you! Throughout this 8-hour power-packed day, we will work with you side by side to begin the process of implementing your marketing plan, while teaching your staff how to execute your vision with proficiency.

The ELLIS Post Grad Program

Let’s cut to the chase. There is a big gap in education on how to become successful after graduation and just working is not going to cut it. You went to school for a loooongggg time, so it’s pretty safe to say you’re already an expert in your chosen field of dentistry.

The challenge we face as dental professionals is not utilizing the right resources to ensure our success; it’s a lack of work/life balance and not having a clear-cut direction for where your career is taking you. If you are ready to take REAL steps towards owning and loving your future in dentistry, the ELLIS Post Grad Program is for you!

This course is uniquely designed around the needs of those who have been dentists for 10 years or less. You will learn how to plot your career path, surround yourself with the right associates, identify and promote your individual brand, and much more!

Passionate Speaking Topics

Choosing Your Associateship
Understanding Your Contract
Crafting Your Career Trajectory Plan
Transitioning Into Practice Ownership
Being a Leader in Your Industry

Why ELLIS Consulting?

ELLIS Consulting was created to be a resource for motivated dental students, ambitious associates, and proud practice owners. Our mission is to educate, prepare, and guide dentists on a purposeful, intentional, and productive future. Our goal is to increase productivity, efficiency, and streamline efforts by 20%. We have a clear vision to change our clients’ lives by educating them on the tools and skill sets necessary for a successful and bountiful career.

Dr. Simone Ellis is a public speaker, philanthropist, consultant, has over 42k followers on Instagram, and is the founder of Smile Design Studios in Missouri City, TX–a multimillion dollar business with over 2,000 active patients. Smile Design Studios averages 110 np a month, is an Invisalign Platinum Provider, and has over 650 5-star Google Reviews.

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