Speak your heart, speak your truth!

If you’re looking for an enthusiastic and inspiring keynote speaker with a refreshing take on career advice, work-life balance, finding motivation, avoiding burnout, and more, look no further. With years of experience speaking for crowds of all sizes, Dr. Ellis is your gal. She has spoken at conferences and events all over the country and is ready to influence even more great minds. Below you’ll find the topics that she’s covered in previous speaking events.

Passionate Speaking Topics

Building business
Avoiding burnout
Creating balance
Finding motivation
Purposefully planning and executing
Black, women-run
Make 6 figures
with Invisalign®


Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, she has encountered a lot of people and hardships that have tried to get in the way of her success, but Dr. Ellis is grateful to say, she’s still standing tall and thriving in her element! She has navigated through the struggles of creating a career that she’s proud of, all while learning to maintain a harmonious work-life balance and confidence in herself. We’re all a work in progress, but Dr. Ellis shares her story in hopes of influencing others to stand tall in the face of adversity.

She’s done the work; now
she wants to be a resource
for you in your journey.

Dental Seminar

Accelerate Growth
Continuing Education
Elevate Your Career
Team Building
Cutting-edge Techniques
Attract Patients
Customer Service Skills
Business Principles
Growing Profitability
High-Quality Patient Care

Let’s Stay
in Touch

Let’s Stay
in Touch